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You can't lead an 'if only' life. There's always a future, there's always work. I shall work till my dying day - Baroness Thatcher

Journalism is more aggressive than it was, and some of it has turned downright nasty - Lord Deedes, Tory peer and former Fleet Street editor

We are Greek Cypriots, we don't recognise her as the Queen. She is the queen of the gallows - Stelios Perdikis, organiser of a protest during the Queen's visit to Nicosia

There's always a fear in working class people that all the success and adulation has just been a dream and that you'll wake up tomorrow morning back where you started - Adam Faith

I think the BBC will live to regret its relationship with BSkyB . . . I don't know anyone who has ever got the better of Murdoch in a deal - Michael Grade, chief executive of Channel 4

A good, honest, kind, gentle, local bobby doing what the Met does best, doing what British policing does best, working with his local community - Paul Condon, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, on PC Patrick Dunne, who was murdered this week

Women don't lie about rape - Siwan Hayward, founder of the 'No means No' campaign, after Austen Donnellan was cleared of raping another student

Maybe I should consider settling in Africa since America has become an asylum, especially for blacks - Mike Tyson

Keeping hospitals rather than clothes shops open would do rather more for the 1 million people on the Government's waiting list - David Blunkett, Labour's health spokesman, after Marks & Spencer's store at Marble Arch opened 1 1/2 hours early so that Virginia Bottomley could shop there