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I want to get on with everyone. That is why I entered politics - Chris Patten, the new Governor of Hong Kong

Everyone is allowed to demonstrate, but not to paralyse the country - Jean-Louis Bianco, French transport minister, defending the use of riot police to clear lorry drivers' roadblocks

There has been a fall in values for this sort of property - Michael Fiddes, estate agent, on the asking price for 100-room Herstmonceux Castle dropping from pounds 20m to pounds 5m in two years

No matter how poor you are, you can't let royalty down - Helen Thomas, a flower seller outside Manchester Royal Infirmary for 40 years, who gave up her holiday to buy a dress to wear when she met the Princess of Wales

I sometimes think some peers and others won't be satisfied until half the country is in the police and the other half is in jail - Earl Ferrers, Home Office Minister, during a Lords debate on drinking laws

The litmus test is whether Conservative ministers can forget Imperial Tobacco gave them 2,000 poster sites for the election, and put the health of the nation before the health of their party

Robin Cook, Labour's health spokesman, calling for a ban on tobacco advertising

I don't think women are clubbable - Derek Nimmo, one of those who successfully opposed moves to allow women to join the Garrick Club

The tiger, once the king of the jungle, now just the fireside rug, decorative and ostentatious certainly, but there essentially to be walked all over

Gordon Brown, Labour's trade and industry spokesman, of Michael Heseltine

Labour are sleepwalking to disaster in their post- election torpor - Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish National Party

They're not really my type - Evelyn Laye, 92- year-old actress, after meeting two members of the Chippendales male strip group