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Their proposals give a return ticket to any eccentric businessman, having little idea of how to run a railway, the opportunity to play at trains - Nick Harvey, Liberal Democrat transport spokesman, on the Government's plans to privatise British Rail

The legal system is still more concerned with rules and rituals than with people - Charles Pollard, Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police

There is no question that you have changed politics in this country, and it is a change for the better - Ross Perot, to his campaign volunteers, after announcing his withdrawal from the presidential race

I'm fed up with politicians in Washington lecturing Americans about family values. Our families have values. Our government doesn't - Bill Clinton, accepting the Democratic Party nomination as presidential candidate

Reform in the House of Commons proceeds exceedingly slow. It makes a snail look like Nigel Mansell - Sir Peter Emery, Tory MP

She is very, very beautiful, and someday we can buy and wear clothes just like hers - Zoia Mayevskaya, a Russian bio-engineer, of her 10-year-old daughter's American-style Barbie doll

At the very time the Government is reintroducing Shakespeare into our schools, the Church of England continues to use the language of Jeffrey Archer - John Gummer

I wanted to look as much like the man on the Wanchai bus as possible. They go about making this a spectacular economic success story in suits and ties, not in helmets with feathers in them - Chris Patten, on why he did not wear the traditional uniform when sworn in as governor of Hong Kong

He was a perfect gentleman who loved singing, old-time waltzing and going for walks - Patricia Wynne, matron of the nursing home where Albert Pierrepoint, the former hangman, died

If the Beano drops the class war from its agenda, it will lose half its circulation - Auberon Waugh