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Part of a newspaper's role is to act almost like a moral policeman for people in public life - Sun leading article following press exposure of David Mellor's affair with Antonia de Sancha

If you don't want to appear in the papers, then don't drop your trousers. It is as simple as that - Kelvin MacKenzie, editor of the 'Sun'

It wasn't the happiest in the world - David Mellor, describing his 18th wedding anniversary

I'm being made to look like a tart strutting her stuff for all to see. I have never done anything at all that I am ashamed of. I cannot go out. I feel like the Elephant Woman - Antonia de Sancha

I don't think monogomy is a natural state for men or women. If it didn't hurt the spouse, it would be natural to have several liaisons outside marriage - Zelda West-Meads, spokeswoman for Relate, the marriage guidance counselling body

Labour's anti-hunting policy undoubtedly lost us a lot of votes in the general election. Some people don't realise that for every colonel out in the shires, there are 20 potential Labour supporters - Baroness Mallalieu, who hunts with the Bicester, Vale of Aylesbury, Exmoor and other hunts

Recession is when you have to tighten the belt. Depression is when there is no belt to tighten. We are probably in the next degree of collapse when there are no trousers as such - Boris Pankin, the Russian ambassador to Britain

I don't think President Bush is doing anything about Aids. I'm not sure he even knows how to spell Aids - Elizabeth Taylor

He should have been here last week. We've had more council workers round during the last seven days than in the whole of last year - Roger Prosser, a resident of the Cathall Estate, Waltham Forest, described by the Prince of Wales as the worst he had ever visited

We no longer rule the roost - Lady Chalker, Minister of Overseas Development