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One of the great things about politics is that if you can dish it out, you have got to be able to take it. It never does you any harm - David Mellor

It was a private affair between an attractive man and a woman. I have no regrets about anything - Antonia de Sancha, David Mellor's lover

This isn't a man who is going to die in his bed - Douglas Hogg, Minister of State at the Foreign Office, on Saddam Hussein

This is the last bastion of a closed shop. We must end it - Harriet Crawley, one of the Lloyd's names demanding that members of the Council declare their interests in the market

We are all barrow boys in pin-striped suits who like making money - David Rowland, chairman of the Sedgwick Group and chairman-elect of Lloyd's

I don't think I have any talents. I just bluffed my way in - Brian McMaster, asked about his qualifications as new director of the Edinburgh Festival

You were homeless, and I served you with a deportation order - Edward Pearce on Radio 4's 'The Moral Maze', describing the UK Government's attitude to refugees from the former Yugoslavia

We actors are in the main regarded as licensed fools. Either that, or emotionally and intellectually retarded - Glenda Jackson

Men of a certain age wonder if they can still go out and get their oats to reassure themselves of their manhood - Derek Jameson

I can't bear not paying poll tax. In a good year I am quite a high earner by basic standards. I want to pay more taxes - Prunella Scales, who lives in the 'poll tax free' London borough of Wandsworth

I'm not against feminism at all. I'm only against women who whine and complain too much - Sean Connery

It is better the police should be a bit rude and keep the crime rate down rather than sit there politely and watch it increase - Terry Dicks, Tory MP