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It is the destiny of J Danforth Quayle to take his place in history as an error of judgement - Roy Hattersley

We lived happily together for many years and now it has come to killing each other's babies. What is happening to us? - Indira Hadziomerovic, 17, mourning in Sarajevo

The international community cannot stand by and allow innocent children, women and men to be starved to death - President Bush on Bosnia

I am not, nor have I ever been, involved with Terre-Blanche - Jani Allan, South African journalist, after losing her libel action against Channel 4

This is the end of our civilisation. We are on a razor's edge. I've been preparing myself for a long time. I have double-glazing in my apartment; I have gas; I have kept my chimney and all my old clothes - Jean Gimpel, French historian

At the moment politicians are pretty low in people's esteem. We are jokey figures in some ways and the last two weeks with David Mellor hasn't helped us very much - Mo Mowlam, Labour's Citizen's Charter spokeswoman

Have affairs with them if you must, but, given their kind of life, their hours, the temptations and the power, don't take them as a marriage partner - Fay Weldon, on politicians

This may be the last chance to save the British economy. It may be too late; but anything is better than pursuing the wrong policy with such determination - Lord Ridley, former Tory Trade and Industry Secretary

Any reference to the arguments during the 1992 general election campaign suggests that politicians from all parties realise that they are not addressing a politically literate public - Jim Chandler, senior lecturer at Sheffield City Polytechnic

If women can sleep their way to the top how come so few of them are there? - Yve Newbold, company secretary of Hanson plc