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Bankruptcy is a very public humbling - Kevin Maxwell, Britain's biggest-ever bankrupt

He may be Britain's biggest bankrupt, but the pensioners are still the biggest victims of a flawed pensions system - Ken Trench, leader of the Maxwell pensioners

I confidently expect John Major to fight the next election with the slogan 'Don't blame me, I was only Prime Minister' - Roy Hattersley

When Chancellors say they will never devalue, they are very often actually preparing for devaluation - Sir Alan Walters, Margaret Thatcher's economic adviser

It's better to be lining up for bags of ice and food than lining up at the morgue to identify next of kin - Jesse Jackson touring Miami, battered by Hurricane Andrew

Those old colonial countries really miss Britain. They may not realise it, but they do - Lord Massereene and Ferrard

This is the first time in my life when, short of accident, impeachment or insanity, I've known what I'll be doing for the next four years - Glenda Jackson, MP, on the advantages of politics over acting

The (Maastricht) referendum was called by Mitterrand in a fit of petulant impetuosity. He is finding, like Margaret Thatcher, that 11 years in office makes one unpopular - Kenneth Baker

One clear lesson emerging from the popular reception of miscellaneous disclosures about the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of York is that the public plainly has no wish to see privacy protected. On the contrary, it relishes the fruits of intrusion - Lord Deedes

These criminals - Karpov, Kasparov, Korchnoi - have absolutely destroyed chess by their immoral, unethical prearranging of games . . . if people knew the truth, they would be held in more contempt than Ben Johnson - Bobby Fischer, who is returning to competitive chess after 20 years