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Today has been an extremely difficult and turbulent day - Norman Lamont on Wednesday

The sky is darkening with the wings of chickens coming home to roost - Lord Callaghan on the sterling crisis

It seems to me a number of my colleagues are unaware of the golden gift of silence - Gerald Kaufman, on Labour Party differences over a referendum on the Maastricht treaty

If I was dismissed fairly, then Robert Maxwell should be the patron saint of pensioners - Nicholas Davies, after an industrial tribunal upheld his sacking as Foreign Editor of the 'Daily Mirror'

From my earliest memories I was told I was almost unimportant but the whole thing was to keep the estate and the house together - Earl Spencer

Commercialism and other factors have taken over, and I think that if you want to see gentlemanly cricket, you have to go back to the village green - Brian Johnston

I have learned more about love, selflessness and human understanding from the people I have met in this great adventure in the world of Aids than I ever did in the cut-throat, competitive world in which I spent my life - Anthony Perkins

What are we going to have next? A brothel? - Sir Nicholas Fairbairn, MP, on a proposal by the British Betting Office Association to establish a betting shop at Westminster

My main reason for hoping that the tabloids are not gagged or made to behave better is that we shall thereby have lost our last reminder of how extraordinarily cruel and unpleasant the lower classes are - Auberon Waugh

Chelsea Football Club and David deserve each other. Neither are very good strikers - Antonia de Sancha, saying she is 'bored' with David Mellor

A doctor asked me how much I drank. It was a difficult question. Did he mean, for example, before or after breakfast? - Barry Humphries