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The Tories used to trust the people. How can you say they trust the people now, when they won't give them a chance to say yes or no to Maastricht? - Sir Teddy Taylor, Conservative MP

I no longer know what to expect from this government - Lord Tebbit

I have been booed for years at party conferences. What does make me sad is that these younger people, which we must recognise are the product of the Thatcher years, behave like a lot of soccer hooligans - Sir Edward Heath

If John Smith is the answer, what on earth was the question? - Michael Heseltine

Taking 10 minutes to chat about the way he is cutting up a worm is better for the child than simply letting him watch television - Felicity Kendal on being a parent

They're trying to prove their manhood - Ross Perot, complaining about two women journalists who asked him difficult questions

The poor are not just living off the crumbs of the rich man's table, they are being asked to put the crumbs back - David Bryer, director of Oxfam, on cuts in overseas aid and insistence on debt repayment by Third World countries

I sense that some of those who promoted the cult of the individual may now be reflecting more carefully on the results when morality itself becomes privatised - Dr George Carey, the Archbishop of Canterbury, condemning attitudes of the Eighties

Okay, so he's no Clint Eastwood - Antonia de Sancha on David Mellor

If it's going to get up the noses of the French, then I'm all in favour - Sir Kingsley Amis on proposals to replace the May Day bank holiday with 21 October - Trafalgar Day

It's quite alarming to have a shadow twice as big as you are, with a beard - Gillian Shephard, Secretary of State for Employment, about her Labour shadow, Frank Dobson