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Miners have a choice - either to lie down and let this happen or stand up and fight back - Arthur Scargill after British Coal's announcement that 31 pits are to close with the loss of 30,000 jobs

The Chancellor's response to the sterling crisis was not to resign but to sing in his bath. There won't be many miners singing in their baths tonight - Donald Dewar, Labour's social security secretary

Bankers are now competing with journalists for public mistrust - Lord Deedes

The whole thing is a minefield. If there is somebody here who can define subsidiarity on one page, we will give you a job - Jacques Delors, president of the EC Commission to Euro MPs

To be lectured by the Sun and the News of the World for publishing pornography is like being accused of headbutting by Vinny Jones - Donald Trelford, editor of the 'Observer', on criticisms of his paper's publication of nude Madonna pictures

Well, they've got a point. I don't have any experience in running up a dollars 4 trillion ( pounds 2.3 trillion) debt - Ross Perot, answering charges that he lacks the necessary experience to be president

History is just a series of unique events - Norman Lamont

In a way, I have fewer problems than Madonna - Salman Rushdie, who says he has been going shopping and to the cinema without using a disguise and has not been recognised

I feel compelled to overtip waiters, and apologise for what must now seem relatively stingy Christmas gifts - Sheena Easton, denying reports that she is the 36th richest woman in Britain

It's living in the Harold Macmillan era and, although we would all prefer to have him as Prime Minister, unfortunately he is no longer around - William Rees-Mogg, chairman of the Broadcasting Standards Council, criticising 'Coronation Street' for being outdated