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No pit, factory, shop, office, hospital, school, bus or train service is safe. So this great crusade for mining jobs is a crusade for jobs up and down the land - Norman Willis, general secretary of the TUC, at the London march for the miners

It will be trench warfare in the House of Commons if he introduces this particular Bill - James Cran, Tory MP, on John Major's plan to put the Maastricht Bill before MPs

The country in which I was born, and with God's help where I shall die, has been transformed into a foreign country before my very eyes - Glenda Jackson, Labour MP, blaming the Tories for creating a 'dreadful moral malaise'

The strength of John Major is, so we were told, that he is an ordinary man, but . . . I want to be led by an extraordinary man - Lord Mancroft, Tory peer

Going to university is the only socially acceptable excuse for doing bugger all - Frank Dobson, Labour MP, to students at University College London

It is disgraceful that 20 per cent (of licence money) goes on overheads and bureaucratic inefficiency. It's a public crime - Jonathan Powell, controller of BBC 1, on the pounds 180m a year spent by the corporation on red tape

Queen is shaken as Rolls hits pedestrian - London Evening Standard front-page headline alerting readers to an incident when a man dashed across the road in front of the royal car

Some day I won't be President. I'm going to get big in the grandchild business . . . in the golf business . . . in five years from now - George Bush

It is desecrating the memory of those 55,000 young men who died on bombing missions. Ironically, they gave their all so people had the right to protest - Douglas Radcliffe, secretary of the Bomber Command Association, after red paint was thrown over the statue of Sir Arthur 'Bomber' Harris

I think all entertainers are exhibitionists, admitted or not - Madonna