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It must be one of the saddest announcements made by any prime minister in modern times - Sir Edward Heath after John Major told the House of Commons of the separation of the Prince and Princess of Wales

There would be no constitutional bar, but it certainly requires a strong imagination - Lord St John of Fawsley on the possibility of the Princess of Wales becoming Queen

If our visitors have heard of the separation, they would expect us to respond - spokeswoman for Madame Tussauds explaining why the wax effigies of the royal couple had been moved a few inches farther apart

I know nothing more than the average person in the street. I only know what I see on television - Camilla Parker Bowles

It will not make the slightest difference in the real world if the Maastricht treaty goes through - Lord Healey

Britain has a lumpenproletariat unlike any other advanced nation and this shows not only in British factories but on football terraces around the world - Professor Richard Layard of the London School of Economics

I cannot invent new fish. The fishermen do not put the raw material in the sea. The Almighty does - David Curry, fisheries minister, explaining that fish quotas had run out around the British coast

Please understand, Yoko. I wasn't killing a real person. I killed an image. I killed an album cover - Mark David Chapman, in an interview, describing the 'demons' that made him murder John Lennon

John Major is not a gentleman. Indeed, all the members of the Government are awful rednecks - Douglas Sutherland, author of the 'English Gentleman' series of books on etiquette

Jesus is not a killjoy - the Rev Tony Higton, rector of Hawkwell, Essex, and a member of the General Synod of the Church of England