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This is a great day for Denmark. All the Danish requests have been satisfied - Poul Schluter, Danish prime minister, after the Edinburgh summit

Never in the course of human history has there been so great a unanimity in favour of so great a vacuum - Lord Bruce of Donington, Labour peer, on the summit

The only difference between now and the last elections is that in the meantime we got three wars, total economic collapse, living standards similar to those in Albania and international isolation - Borislav Mihiz, a leader of Depos, the main opposition coalition in Serbia

It was a bit like being mortared at any time, a mortar is much the same anywhere - Paddy Ashdown, after coming under fire while travelling with British troops in Bosnia

It will create millionaires and museums - Peter Brooke, National Heritage Secretary, on Britain's new national lottery's prizes and aims

They (Englishmen) find it impossible to know how to deal with hysterical women. If one has a row with them, they invariably leave the room or disappear - Barbara Cartland on why the Prince of Wales could not handle his wife's emotions

Yes I am, and I vote for your salary - Keith Vaz, Labour MP, when asked by a customs officer if he was resident in Britain

It is just about the last thing you expect to receive sitting in a mud hut in a Nigerian forest - Veronica Coad, after her son, Nick, received a pounds 37 poll tax demand from Lichfield Council while studying elephants in Africa

Lichfield Council always gets its man - Eric Turner, council treasurer

It is comforting to think that the clergy can commit crime. It shows they're human - Harriet Cozens, Welsh Cluedo champion, deploring plans to drop the Rev Green from the game's characters as 'no longer appropriate in the Nineties'