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He is talking into his mitre. He is No 2 in the Anglican Communion and he should think again - Harry Greenway, Tory MP, after the Archbishop of York suggested ending the daily act of worship in schools We cannot with certainty stop prisoners committing suicide unless we keep them naked in bare, padded cells or in straitjackets. So we had better get used to the idea that we shall lose a few by their own hand - Sir Bernard Ingham It wasn't overcrowding that caused the disturbance at Everthorpe. It was theprisoners themselves. They behaved in a way that was rightly described as intolerable - Michael Howard, Home Secretary It may seem illogical for nationalists to wish to exchange one central government in London for another in Brussels. But when has logic ever mattered to nationalists? - Niall Ferguson, fellow in modern history at Jesus College, Oxford You thought you saw a lot more than you actually did in That Dress. Although it looked precarious, it didn't shift all night, the pins didn't jab and it was incredibly comfortable - Liz Hurley on the dress she wore for the British premiere of `Four Weddings and a Funeral'

Women I can't speak of. But the other thing is elegant mathematical proofs. A two-line method of proving Pythagoras's theorem is of great attraction to me - Peter Bottomley, MP It's very rare for a fat woman to be promoted, just as there are hardly any fat people prominent in the media, on TV or in magazines. The fat are almost invisible. They do not exist - Linda Huett, general manager of Weight Watchers UK