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Tony Blair says he doesn't want to tax the rich more, which is good news for me - Harry Enfield, comedian

You choose the shape of breasts you want from Polaroid shots, which I thought was rather fun - Shirley Conran, novelist, who had surgery to reduce her bust size from 46DD to 36B

Much as we would all like to do it, bombing terrorist armies into submission has never been an option - George Walden, Conservative MP

We have taken more cash on the Second Coming and the Queen abdicating than a British singles winner at Wimbledon - spokesman for William Hill, the bookmaker

I am blind. It is a simple enough word for an obvious enough fact. Yet people go into apoplexies trying to find an alternative way of describing it - David Blunkett, shadow Education Secretary, on those who want to call him visually impaired

I don't expect them to name the new airport after me, or even a boulevard, but perhaps a fountain or a sewage treatment station - Chris Patten, looking forward to his appraisal once he quits as Governor of Hong Kong

I've heard all the jokes, thank you - Lieutenant Colonel Gary Coward, UN spokesman in Bosnia, referring to his name