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He's definitely the kind of person who could survive in this situation. We did not consider the alternative - Dr Joseph Scardapone, stepfather of American pilot Scott O'Grady, who was rescued six days after his plane was shot down over Bosnia.

Lawrence of Arabia would not be welcome in today's armed forces - Lord Justice Brown, as four gays lost the fight to resume their military careers.

If I had been sitting in a Mini it wouldn't have happened - company director Alan Jacoby, 39, attacked by a gang as he made a telephone call from his pounds 20,000 red Lotus Esprit sports car.

We were absolutely amazed at how easy it was, to be honest - prisoner Keith Rose, describing in an interview with the BBC how he and two fellow inmates escaped in January from top-security Parkhurst jail.

From now on the only doors I shall ever again hold open for women shall be oven doors - Jeffrey Bernard, on being told that nearly all females decide instantly on meeting a man whether or not they will go to bed with him.