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John Major saved the Tories at the last election. He will do it again, with a better majority - Lord Wyatt of Weeford

I cannot leave the future alone. I don't want it to go wonky or wobbly - Baroness Thatcher

We don't normally win things, do we? That's great! We're going to put the kettle on - One of the activists on the Brent Spar contacted by radio with news that Shell had abandoned plans to sink the oil installation in the face of mounting protest

Reason said that the Brent Spar should have been buried at sea. Emotion and irrationality have dictated otherwise - Sir John Vane, Nobel prize- winner for medicine

There isn't a snowball's chance in hell of any weapons being decommissioned this side of a negotiated settlement - Martin McGuinness on the Ulster peace process.

You are a bastard. I spit in your face - Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the Russian far-right leader, as he threw a glass of orange juice over regional governor Boris Nemtsov on a television show