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You don't negotiate with prime ministers. There isn't a deal - Michael Heseltine

I'm the sort of person Mrs Thatcher's parents warned her not to talk to as a little girl. I'm quite proud of that - Ken Livingstone

I don't go around flirting with Prime Ministers ... not consciously - Edwina Currie

I try to think of God, then Father Christmas comes round the corner to haunt me - Johnny Morris, agnostic and TV personality

Most of us don't deserve our appointments and we don't deserve our disappointments - Virginia Bottomley

I heard that the Foreign Secretary's job had gone to Graham Taylor on the basis that if anyone could get us out of Europe he could - Sir Ivan Lawrence

I find it a trifle odd that the money spent on policing in this country is only slightly more than that spent on the Lottery - John Hoddinott, Hampshire Chief Constable

If my husband was the Prince of Wales and I didn't get on with him, I wouldn't let anyone else know. And I wouldn't leave him. I'd concentrate on what I could do from my position of power - Vivienne Westwood, fashion designer