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Start with 31 ... (i) Take total previous guilty appearances, (ii) Calculate number of years since first conviction - than add 5, (iii) Divide (i) by (ii), then take the square root of this, multiply by 75, round to the nearest number and add the result to the score ... - Home Office 'Offender Group Reconviction Scale'

Our politics seem to me to be increasingly about the management of illusions and I possess no talent for soothing and sweet-talking the public like infants - George Walden explains why he will stand down as a Tory MP

A few years ago I could never have imagined the range of activities that are part of my life today, such as defending public television, planning state dinners and visiting the CIA with the President - Hillary Clinton in her first syndicated newspaper column

I got more than Jason Donovan got for being called queer (pounds 250,000) and considerably less than Graeme Souness got for being called a dirty rat (pounds 750,000) - Diana Morgan, who accepted undisclosed damages after losing both legs when she fell between a platform and a moving train

A group of 40 sensible, well-behaved children who know what to do and are willing to do it is quite manageable - David Walker, chairman of the Professional Association of Teachers, who resigned and apologised for making the comment