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The child ran into my arms. Her whole body was blood, and her face was all blood. As I hugged her she died. But then I looked at her face and it wasn't my child. It was a friend who had been coming over to play. - Fumiko Kihara, Hiroshima survivor, recalling the events of 6 August 1945.

We will act clearly and firmly - the French prime minister, Alain Juppe, on planned French nuclear tests in the South Pacific.

There is such a vacuum of leadership on this issue and people view his stewardship as hopeless. - John McCain, senior Republican senator, on President Bill Clinton's Bosnia policy after Congress voted to lift the Bosnian arms embargo.

I am convinced there are "beasts" on Bodmin Moor and that they are big cats of some sort. The skull seems to be genuine. - Doug Richardson, assistant curator of mammals at London Zoo, on the discovery of a "rather smelly skull" in the river Fowey, Cornwall.

I saw myself on TV and thought I looked particularly healthy, like a love god - the previously portly Armed Forces Minister Nicholas Soames, who has been on a diet.

I never think about men lusting after me. Honestly - the supermodel Elle Macpherson.