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People died like flies because they were treated like flies - Rt Rev Michael Mann on the horrors of being a prisoner of war in the Far East

Prince William must be allowed to run, walk, study and play at Eton free from the fear of prying cameras - Lord Wakeham, chairman of the Press Complaints Commission

He's not the same as "any other child" - the Sun, commenting on Lord Wakeham's remarks about Prince William

I never thought the week would turn out as it did. I never walked in thinking I was going to end up and say it - Michael Barrymore

When the national security of a country is in danger and with a view to protecting the population, one is entitled not to accept refugees and to expel them - Kamanda wa Kamanda, Zairean foreign minister, as his country expelled refugees to Rwanda and Burundi

It does seem very strange - Danny Grange of Bristol University commenting on the discovery in China of a fossilised vegetarian crocodile, Chimaerasuchus paradoxus