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Little more than an exercise in evasion, with the intellectual depth of the Neighbours theme song - the Defend Clause IV Campaign

Four hundred words of waffle - Michael Portillo's verdict

Consett ... is also one of the major centres in Western Europe for disposable baby nappies - Kenneth Clarke, following up his steelworks gaffe with a reference to a factory that closed in 1991

This season has just been a catalogue of bad news for football ... there is a growing perception the game is riddled with corruption - and all of us involved in it know that is simply not the case - Brendan Batson, of the Professional Footballers' Association

We had better go on having satire. After all, we've got to use Jeffrey Archer for something - David Tyler, former producer of `Spitting Image', which is to be axed

If we value human rights like we say we do, we should work to bring Iran back towards a more civilised posture - Salman Rushdie

I'm a rager. I can be propelled by rage for days. I'm a kicker and a swearer and a jumper as well - Gillian Shephard, Education Secretary