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I guess a film in which I didn't end up in bed, in the sea, or in a hot tub, would have the same appeal as a Clint Eastwood movie in which nobody got shot - Bo Derek

Students without savings or money from their parents need to work so many hours to make ends meet, it is hardly worth being at university at all - National Union of Students' spokesman

I wasn't too happy because I kept thinking I might end up doing some damage - Dave Gooby, hospital porter, after being asked to help pull and manipulate a patient's leg during surgery

I am not Superman. We have succeeded in silencing the guns. Now we need to move forward on the political agenda - Gerry Adams

Loyalty used to be the Conservative Party's secret weapon. Tragically for the party today it is a very secret weapon indeed - David Mellor

Opposition is four or five years' humiliation in which there is no escape from the indignity of no longer controlling events - Roy Hattersley

I admired Margaret Thatcher hugely, but whenever you went near her, the stink of sycophancy was overwhelming. And she liked toffs, which I patently was not - Steven Norris, Transport Minister

We must act now to ensure that English - and that to my way of thinking means English English - maintains its position as the world language well into the next century - the Prince of Wales

It's no use talking like a Tory. You've got to believe you're a Tory and act like a Tory - Eric Pickles, Tory party vice-chairman, on Tony Blair

I don't really find men's clothes sexy, but they look better with them on - Kathy Staff, 66, actress in `Last of the Summer Wine'