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It is true, I killed 900 people and I expect to be executed - Musoro Ndura, on trial for genocide in Rwanda

I cannot believe that it is God's will that this young man's life should be ended by state execution - the Archbishop of Canterbury, asking Georgia to reprieve Nicholas Ingram

At the last Canadian general election, the number of Conservatives in the Commons fell from 154 to two. I am wondering who is to be the other one here - Sir Edward Heath, asked for his view of his party's future

A pretty disastrous night for us all round and a good night for Labour. It is very unfair - Home Office minister Michael Forsyth, whose local council went Labour in the Scottish elections

Try harder. Don't panic - Michael Heseltine's message to the Tory party

If a hospital has been around for 900 years, for it to receive its death warrant through a written answer doesn't seem to me to be wholly worthy of the traditions of our party - London Tory MP Peter Brooke on Virginia Bottomley's announcement of the closure of Bart's Hospital

It all depends on how important you think TV reporting is. It's fun, but doesn't amount to much. An ambulance driver should rate higher - John Simpson, BBC foreign affairs editor

No man who dyes his hair can be taken entirely seriously - Steven Norris, transport minister

How did I meet my second wife? I don't know. I would have to look it up in my book - Douglas Fairbanks Jr