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I think they've proved him right - Harry Greenway, Tory MP, after rugby officials sacked England's captain, Will Carling, for calling them "old farts"

I never shout at my musicians because if they are very bad, I pack my case. That's my shout - Sir Georg Solti

What's this? Pensioners' Woodstock? - American tourist watching elderly people pour into Hyde Park for VE celebrations

Money can't buy happiness but it bloody well helps - Cilla Black

The power and the glory of public service broadcasting in Britain is that it is not an optional extra - Alan Yentob, BBC1 controller

In the best and kindest spirit of cross-party well-wishing, I can only advise, don't do it - Tony Blair to Stephen Dorrell, on speculation that he may become the next Tory Party chairman

We need someone who takes a long-term financial view. He has admitted that he rarely reads a book and we need someone with deeper intellect - Sir Richard Body, Tory MP, criticising the Chancellor, Kenneth Clarke

I can't determine the markets and I don't think it is helpful if I start getting into a tremendous flap when there is any movement in the markets - Kenneth Clarke

I am not one to lecture my colleagues on a total unswerving commitment to vote for your party right or wrong ... I have not always done that - Michael Heseltine

Primarily I want the audience to laugh. If they laugh and don't think, then I'm successful; if they laugh and think, then I'm very successful. If they think and don't laugh, then I've had it - Woody Allen