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In the ledger of life, his credit balance is very high. It is a privilege for me to pay tribute to him, and I do so unreservedly - the Prime Minister on Lord Wilson.

He kept the show on the road and he kept the country behind him. He wasn't one of those prime ministers who never takes a bus - Lord Healey, a Wilson government minister

Harold Wilson's passing will be deeply mourned by all those who knew him personally and by countless others who never met him but for whom, in their youth, he represented their ideals and aspirations - Lord Callaghan.

I am not a criminal - Caroline Beale, accused of suffocating her newborn baby in a New York hotel.

Hell hath no fury like an Englishman caught by negative equity - George Walden, Tory MP.

The recent allegations against Sir Jerry Wiggin have come as a big surprise to the people of Weston-super-Mare. We did not realise he was still alive - Sydney Bench, a constituent of the Weston-super-Mare MP in a letter to the 'Weston & Somerset Mercury'.

My heart's perfect. It's just been unoccupied for quite a long time - Britt Ekland, on being told that green tea was good for the heart.

The idea that adultery is based on man's natural desire to procreate is crazy. Procreation is the last thing on the mind of an adulterous man - Paula Milne, writer of the television drama 'The Politician's Wife'.

The Royal Shakespeare Company doesn't want me because I might make Shakespeare look exciting - actor and director Steven Berkoff.