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They (the Government) seem to be treating Maastricht like a rubber duck; shape it, twist it, bite it, alter it, it springs back into shape - Jack Cunningham, Labour foreign affairs spokesman

We are in deep trouble and until we listen to our natural supporters we won't get out of it - Sir George Gardiner, Tory MP, after the Newbury

by-election result

History will, I believe, show that Communism was a phenomenon which, though it might have been born of idealism and a sense of injustice, in practice betrayed the very people it was alleged to serve - the Queen, speaking in Hungary

The omens for the future of the monarchy are not good - Anthony Holden, biographer of the Prince of Wales

It will be a break in routine for these ladies. They are no different to anyone else. I'm sure they will enjoy the day out - Richard Pates, a psychologist, on plans to take Cardiff prostitutes canoeing and rock climbing to 'enhance their self-esteem'

A surgeon should be a good butcher, not someone who can translate Ovid - Ken Livingstone,

Labour MP

Modesty forbids me to answer - Lord Healey, on being asked who was the greatest prime minister

Britain never had

I once did a season at Butlins and that was very good training for the House of Commons - Liz Lynne, Liberal Democrat MP

I couldn't write a literary novel because I like happy endings - Jilly Cooper