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His ideal level of political competence would be deputy chief whip, or something of that standing - Lord Rees-Mogg on John Major

The only party Norman Lamont is likely to be invited to is a lynching party - Tony Banks, Labour MP, on the Chancellor's 51st birthday

This is a proud yard with a proud history. We don't deserve to die like this - Bill Gray, a fitter at Swan Hunter shipyard, Tyneside, which went into receivership this week

The reason the Queen Mother isn't gaga is that she uses her brain - Dame Barbara Cartland

The younger generation may have been brought up on Page Three girls, but deep down inside they are fascinated by corsets - Pandora Gorey, a member of the Gracious Modern Corset Society

The same concern I have for my freedom and my good name, I have for the shareholders. Possibly in a very short space of time they will have the best surprise ever - Asil Nadir, fugitive boss of Polly Peck

My highly organised approach to work may come from scientific training - John Birt, director-general of the BBC

For me it is just as wonderful as an exciting night of love - Luciano Pavarotti on singing top C

I never trusted Treasury statistics when I was a Treasury minister and I now disbelieve them completely - Sir John Nott

Whenever I am sent a new book on the lively arts, the first thing I do is look for myself in the index - Julie Burchill