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It's a bit like comparing plum pudding to caviar - Lord Hailsham, former Lord Chancellor, when asked whether he thought John Major was like Margaret Thatcher, but omitting to say which was which.

I don't think Labour's front bench would recognise a civil liberty if you sprayed it on their eyebrows - Brian Sedgemore, Labour MP.

He passed away with a dignified miaow, dying of liver failure like a true member - Katy Tatchell, deputy secretary of the Chelsea Arts Club, describing the demise of the club's cat, Orlando.

You might well ask why the dung beetle is included in the endangered species list. But the Environment Department says it should go on the list. That does not mean that if one comes across a dung beetle one has to be nice to it - Lord Ferrers, countryside minister.

To be frank, which I am, I could easily have done without this measure. It is not scientifically necessary - Philippe Vasseur, French farm minister, on the slaughter of calves from Britain.

I do not want to wear out my welcome - Gregory Peck, announcing on his 80th birthday that he was quitting acting after over 50 years.

Cinema's what I call a fat art. You sit around eating and running up a phone bill - Mike McShane, comedian.

I won't just take off my knickers without good reason - Kate Beckinsale, actress, who has refused to disrobe in films.