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I feel like the roots of a great bunch of flowers. The grower gets the praise, the flowers get the adoration, while the roots that started it all must remain under the ground unnoticed - Thomas Gallagher, father of the Oasis brothers Liam and Noel

It was like a slowly spreading pool of blood seeping out from under a locked door - Patrick Jephson, former private secretary to Diana, Princess of Wales, on life at Kensington Palace during his seven years there

Laura Ashley did not accept that women wanted to be liberated from the home. Her anti-fashion stand led her to declare that the clothes she designed should be comfortable enough to enable a mother to bend down and pick up toys - Anne Sebba, Laura Ashley's biographer

We simply can't give roasted swans to the public this season - Derek Deane, artistic director of English National Ballet, who has ordered dancers not to sunbathe ahead of their production of `Swan Lake'

When David Jenkins, the former Bishop of Durham, retired he left a vacancy in the cast list of our national life for a barmy bishop. I was passing the theatre door at the time and before I knew it, I was on stage auditioning for the role. I seem to have landed the job - Dr Richard Holloway, Bishop of Edinburgh

You know what his name is? He's called Peter. Do you think you will get on the executive, Peter? - John Prescott, Deputy Prime Minister, holding up a crab and mocking Peter Mandelson's bid to win a place on Labour's National Executive Committee