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We haven't threatened to dismiss people. We have said if you go on strike you are liable to lose your job - Bob Ayling, chief executive of British Airways

Janet Street-Porter has done for fashion what the M25 has done for hedgehogs - Nick Ferrari, of cable channel Live TV, on the plans of the doyenne of yoof TV to sell much of her wardrobe at Christie's

I would hope we mean more to people than putting money in a church basket and saying 10 Hail Marys on a Sunday. Has God played Knebworth recently? - Noel Gallagher, rock star

I learnt to walk small around my father - Aissa Wayne, lawyer, daughter of screen legend John Wayne

It's pretty remarkable that I held a senior position in the Conservative Party - indeed might go further, who knows - despite the fact that I am the son of an immigrant. There aren't many countries where you could penetrate the Establishment to that extent - Michael Portillo, former minister

To my generation, the idea that some young men and women have to be forced into jobs is profoundly shocking. Unfortunately, it seems to be true - Lord Hattersley, Labour peer

I think you're bloody cruel, I couldn't do it [hunt] myself - David Bellamy, naturalist, to hunting supporters in Hyde Park in a speech acknowledging the conservationist role of country sports