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This irresponsible scaremongering will not only damage the meat industry here in Britain, but will also damage our standing in Europe - Douglas Hogg, Minister of Agriculture, condemns his critics

The damage done to the English countryside by the Common Agricultural Policy is the best argument that Jimmy Goldsmith's Referendum Party possesses - Roy Hattersley, Labour MP

I like the dark one. She's the only one who shows any sign of intelligence - Lord Healey, Labour peer, when asked for his views about the Spice Girls

I do not believe power-dressing will happen again. This is not the time for women to be surrogate men - Lynne Franks, public relations consultant

I was always sure he would be 100 per cent successful because he is the first gay product that can be sold over the counter instead of under it - John McKitterick, designer of the anatomically explicit Billy, the world's first gay doll

This train will be going nowhere for seven minutes because there aren't very many trains behind us - announcement to London Underground passengers at Chancery Lane station

I'm not a workaholic. I'm lazy. I'm just time efficient - John McLaren, merchant banker, who has sold the book and film rights for his first novel for pounds 1m