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Well she's a single girl, lives with her boyfriend, three bastard children, lives in Cambridge, never done a proper job. People have to make their mind up - David Evans, Tory MP, on his Labour opponent in the general election, Melanie Johnson

After due consideration, I regret some of the things I said and I apologise to the Prime Minister and to others for any embarrassment or offence which may have been caused - David Evans, Tory MP

Ramsay MacDonald sat me on his knee and I've looked at Labour leaders in a funny way ever since - Tony Benn, Labour MP

I don't think I experienced many Labour MPs being as greedy as the Tories were. And, being a Tory, it hurts me to say that - Ian Greer, lobbyist

I can pull him back as though he were on one of those dog leads - Jane Clark, wife of former Tory minister Alan Clark

I find dimness interesting. I often wonder what it's like not to be an intellectual - Anne Haverty, novelist

To forbid all human cloning now might also halt a whole new branch of medicine before it begins - Steve Jones, professor of genetics at University College, London

The war destroyed the demand for garden gnomes and birdbaths - Terry Major-Ball, the Prime Minister's brother