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Like so many people I used to think British justice was pretty good but it has flaws. If there were mistakes there must be the opportunity to put them right. It has taken a lot of grief to get this put right - Tim O'Malley, foreman juror at the original Bridgewater Four trial

He was a man of vision and leadership who profoundly changed the life of the Chinese people for the better - Baroness Thatcher, on the death of Deng Xiaoping

Thank you, but I'm sure you meant to say the first openly gay man in the Cabinet - Chris Smith, shadow health secretary, on being introduced to a Commons reception as the first gay man in the Cabinet if Labour wins the election

For the first time since Tony Blair was elected leader, people are beginning to imagine that Labour may yet lose the election, whatever the opinion polls say - Lord Desai, Labour peer

I'm just taking a holiday from the Old Testament to explore unknown territory. I expect that when I come back to the Bible I'll be glad to be home - Dr Alan Smithson, Bishop of Jarrow, who is giving up the Bible for Lent and reading the Koran each day

What the modern generation does not understand is that you can love people without going to bed with them - Lord Hutchinson, husband of the late Dame Peggy Ashcroft who has been described in a new book as being promiscuous