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The level of alcohol consumed at these lunches makes it unlikely that those attending them could do any work in the afternoon, let alone stand up - Gordon Sutton, District Auditor, reporting on junkets by Labour councillors in Doncaster

I don't want to join in this circus atmosphere that's out there at this time - OJ Simpson, refusing to comment on the $21m in damages a jury ordered him to pay after deciding he killed his ex-wife and her friend

It's like a fresh, clean page in 1997 for me, and I hope in my travels I may be able to inspire other people to keep fighting and have courage - the Duchess of York, telling US television viewers she has her debts and her weight under control

It really makes you want to burst into tears. Who said I'm lining up with Labour? I am a humanitarian figure, always have been, always will be - Diana, Princess of Wales

I'm not getting married today. I'm in bed - Liam Gallagher, rock star

One of the few things on which all marketing academics and practitioners agree is that if the product is rubbish, no amount of hype will make it sell. The Referendum Party is a textbook example - Prof Patrick Barwise, London Business School

Why go out for a hamburger when you can have steak at home? - Paul Newman, actor, on being faithful to his wife, Joanne Woodward