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The Tory party emphasises personal morality because it wishes to resist the economic and political changes that threaten the privileged position of its supporters - The Rt Rev Richard Harries, Bishop of Oxford

It is the latest in a series of party political pronouncements from the Church of England - Ann Widdecombe, Home Office minister, responding

Blair? Like Gaitskell. High-minded. Not my cup of tea - A L Rowse, 94, historian, who became a Companion of Honour in the New Year Honours

Let us be thankful that Marianne Faithfull resisted any attempts Mr Major may have made to lend respectability to his shameful honours list by making her a dame - Auberon Waugh

A general election will be held in Britain no later than May. The country must reach a clear decision on its European policy. Britain belongs to Europe. Europe needs Britain - Klaus Kinkel, German Foreign Minister

Some parents shown the video were previously convinced their children were elsewhere at nights. In one case two girls at the centre of a disturbance were thought to be attending dancing classes - Inspector Tony Green, who has cut crime by showing parents in Woodhouse, near Sheffield, videos of their children offending