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Ah. We have never had a civilised conversation. Shall we try? - Michael Heseltine, Deputy Prime Minister, on finding himself sitting next to the Shadow Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook

A safe, effective and inexpensive vaccine is the only way to save the future generations of all our cultures - Elizabeth Taylor, actress, calling for a global effort to defeat Aids

This is the first time I can truthfully say that I don't have an idea for a show at all - Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber

Some people have referred to me as a wet, but of course I am dry now - Sir Nicholas Scott, deselected Conservative MP, who has given up alcohol

I've resigned umpteen times. It's like making some vulgar noise in front of a duchess. The BBC treats my resignations as though they never happened - John Simpson, the BBC's foreign editor

For this Government, and different ministerial briefings we have on Europe, a day is now a long time in politics. We may soon have the Today policy, the One O'Clock News policy, the Six O'Clock News policy and the Nine O'Clock News policy - Gordon Brown, Shadow Chancellor

Put it this way, I'm sure I'll die happy - Jim Moffat, whose family won pounds 3,213,822 on the National Lottery