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In my experience it is always the macho men who find the sight of their wife's pain hardest to deal with - Professor Ian Craft, director of the London Gynaecology and Fertility Centre, on Imram Khan's absence from the birth of his son

All human life is to be regulated by our Brussels government. If you've missed the last directive, there will always be another one along - John Redwood, Conservative MP

A baseball cap cuts down the recognition factor by 50%, but I'd kill for a new disguise - Hugh Grant, actor

The Education Department says that literacy and numeracy skills have improved, but they are still dire - Ruth Lea, head of policy, Institute of Directors

I don't know how the Conservatives reckon to have priced up Labour's commitments when they don't appear to have made any commitments - Nick Harvey, Liberal Democrat spokesman

Labour policy on Europe has not been so much a U-turn - it has been more like Spaghetti Junction - John Major

Trees help us mentally by reducing stress levels when we are near them - National Tree Week spokeswoman

Young men come to college to find themselves typecast as Neanderthal rapists - Professor John Mason, American political scientist, on the effects of the battle for women's rights