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She was always such a badass. She wore cowboy boots, had long blonde hair down to her waist and stole other people's boyfriends - Former classmate of the actress Gwyneth Paltrow, star of the film `Emma'

If somebody sits in front of a tape recorder over a period of five years and then objects to my use of his words, then what's it all about? - Humphrey Carpenter discussing his controversial biography of Lord Runcie, former Archbishop of Canterbury

I long to be un-sensible. I long to be wanton - Sue MacGregor of the Radio 4 `Today' programme

We should be very, very sceptical about what we read in the papers - Martin McGuinness, Sinn Fein strategist, on speculation of a new IRA ceasefire

Mind you, Hugh Gaitskell was a very good dancer. And to me, that is more important than politics in a man - Barbara Castle, on the late Labour leader

Power-mad, sycophantic, poison dwarf with fruit-bat ears - that's me - Ian Hislop