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Every day I was reliving the hours I spent with that madman. He was reliving the rape moment by moment - woman who had to endure six days of questioning in court by the man who had raped her

It can be dangerous to have a dog nowadays. If it barks at a passer- by who then reports you, you can end up with a criminal record - Dr Roger Mugford, head of the Animal Behaviour Centre, Chertsey, Surrey

I often wonder why I joined the Tories. Labour politicians tend to be nicer blokes. They believe in something - Sir Teddy Taylor, Conservative MP

I think we have to accept that they have become completely paranoid on this subject and are beyond reasonable argument - Francis Anthony, British Veterinary Association's chief expert on BSE, on Germans avoiding lamb

No coronets and ermine will cover up their roles in dragging British politics lower than the gutter - Frank Dobson, Labour MP, on Maurice Saatchi and Peter Gummer being made life peers