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This report and its findings are a disgrace to our Parliament. The gun lobby can breathe a sigh of relief - John Crozier, who lost his daughter Emma, five, in the Dunblane massacre, after the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee rejected a ban on handguns

I have been active in Northern Ireland, Central America, the Falklands ... and I get shot buying a Chinese takeaway - Peter Drissel, RAF wing commander, who was shot five times by Richard Humphrey, the killer who bought his guns by mail order

It's difficult to swim in hydrochloric acid with your legs chopped off - Alexander Lebed, Russian security chief, describing the task he faces trying to reach a long-term settlement in Chechnya

I hadn't looked at that dress for 30 years but thank goodness it was there - Eileen Norton, pensioner, whose wedding dress in the loft of her house in Havant, Hampshire, broke the fall of a block of ice from a passing aircraft after it crashed through the roof

The sweetness of a cream cake combined with its creamy mouth-feel are natural stimulators of the pleasure pathways in the brain, a response that guards against disease - Professor David Warburton, co-ordinator of Associates for Research into the Science of Enjoyment (Arise)