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We spend our time trying to create life, and now we are being asked to destroy it - Dr Peter Bromwich, fertility specialist, on the destruction of thousands of "orphaned" embryos.

I'm innocent. I didn't do it - Richard Jewell, the 33-year-old security guard who first reported finding the knapsack bomb that exploded at the Atlanta Olympics. He has become a leading suspect.

She could sing like an angel in the choir, tackle like Paul Ince on the football field and go up and down stairs in between like Sally Gunnell on a training run. Just to watch her made you tired, and she loved every minute - Bob Branch, headmaster, at the funeral of Jade Matthews, nine, who was found battered to death on a railway line in Bootle, Merseyside.

I like it. We won, the end. Leadership. America. Good over evil - Bob Dole, Republican presidential contender, after seeing the summer's blockbuster film, 'Independence Day'.

She would be turned away at the bar. She's a woman first, remember, and Queen second - Terry Wogan, on London's male-only Garrick Club, which has invited the Queen to visit.

Oh God. It's too long a life. I am tired ... Give me instant death - Bir Narayan Choudhury, 139, in an interview with the 'Kathmandu Post' in his Himalayan village of Khanar, Nepal.