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Guns are made to kill people. They should no longer be allowed in a civilised society - John Crozier, whose daughter Emma died in the Dunblane massacre

For better or for worse, the fact is that there is not yet a European people, and perhaps there never can be - Lord Howe

Britain is not only out of step with Europe, it is out of step with its own history - Lord Gilmour

I am appalled that an ageing tenor, for singing half-a-dozen out-of- context arias, can earn in one evening the equivalent lifetime earnings of five of my colleagues - Barrie North, opera musician

Humanists have never agreed on a moral code. If you ask 10 humanists what they think about adultery you will get 10 different answers - the Earl of Longford

It is strong, it is dependable, it lasts for a very long time. It is a Mandela tree - Neville Labovitch, chairman of the Prince of Wales's Royal Parks Tree Appeal, on the plane tree the president planted in London

Tony Blair's approach to constitutional reform is that of the thieving magpie. He will pick up any bright, shiny idea and add it to his collection - David Willetts, Conservative MP

If you are a Conservative brought up in Rotherham you are always in rebellion - William Hague, Welsh Secretary

When I was at 50,000ft, I sometimes used to wonder what was keeping me up there. I decided it was my monthly salary cheque - retired Concorde pilot