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The Government's nuclear con trick has been exposed. Privatisation represents a massive gift from the taxpayer to private sector - Dr Patrick Green, Friends of the Earth energy campaigner

The Prince of Wales played really well. I think not having a whingeing wife waiting in the car park made all the difference - senior member of the Guards' Polo Club after a match

It's amazing how many people beat you at golf now that you are no longer President - George Bush

Fergie is the one with British pluck - and since when was having a voluptuous bottom a criminal offence? - Paula Yates, TV personality

Russia was once thrown into the abyss of civil war and the curse of the civil war has hung over Russia ever since. We have had enough of it. For us electoral victory is the way to establish stability in Russia - Boris Yeltsin, Russian President

I don't have any trouble livin' with Ray Charles. I like him. I mean, he's a nice man. We get along fine, me and him - Ray Charles, jazz singer, who lives alone

On important days, my old teacher always said, let the speeches be short, and the sausages be long. The vital thing is to sustain oneself - Helmut Kohl, German Chancellor