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If everyone is going to behave like that, then you can just forget about Europe - Karel Van Miert, EU competition commissioner, attacking Britain's non-co-operation tactics over the beef crisis.

Remember my name, you'll be whispering it later - Phillip Oppenheim, trade minister, describing one of his most effective chat-up lines.

Why is it that Conservative MPs seem so much more virile than MPs of other parties? It cannot be the oratory of the Euro-sceptics, which is more likely to send us into the arms of Morpheus than of Molly - Sir Julian Critchley, Conservative MP.

It was the biggest thrill of my whole life. It seemed very surreal - Kelly Frederick, 30, who travelled 300 miles and wept with joy on seeing the Princess of Wales in Chicago.

I am less driven by ambition these days, and more driven by my own integrity - Jason Donovan, entertainer.

I can see the day when we would use synthesised calls from computers to engage in conversations with pigs in their own language - Professor Stanley Curtis, an animal scientist.