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I'm a kind of restless soul. My mother says I suffer from divine discontent - National Heritage Secretary Virginia Bottomley.

What we have won in feminine power and equality, we have forfeited in terms of gentlemanly conduct. We miss it more than we care to admit - Ewa Lewis, social editor of 'Tatler'.

It is scandalous. I cannot understand how they give the right to vote to this thing - and he is a thing ... he is sub-human - Leah Rabin, the widow of the former Israeli premier, Yitzhak Rabin, on the right-wing Jew Yigal Amir, who was allowed to vote while in prison facing trial for her husband's assassination.

The idea of the Prime Minister standing on a soap box and saying that Tony Blair is not being tough enough on bull semen seems to me a little far-fetched - Tory MP George Walden, who believes Mr Major would be "extremely silly" to have an election on the beef issue.

Why do we have such a shallow view of women that we assume they cannot be seduced by such things as intelligence, wit and joie de vivre, not to mention power? - Tory MP David Mellor.