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I would like people to remember me for being a crank, because cranks turn power into useful action - David Bellamy, environmentalist.

Poverty is alive and well - Chris Smith, shadow social services secretary.

I can tell you the T&G's attitude towards pay policies - we've been there, seen it, done it and it does not work. We are not having it - Bill Morris, transport union leader, warning Labour that it will not accept a pay policy under any government.

Sakharov was my teacher of democracy, and the teacher of democracy for all of Russia - Boris Yeltsin, President, after laying flowers on the grave of the dissident scientist Andrei Sakharov.

I don't know whether the Prime Minister's on Ecstasy or whether he had oysters for his lunch, but he sure made an impact yesterday. I thought he was terrific - Teresa Gorman, Euro-sceptic Tory MP, on John Major's get-tough policy over the European beef ban.

We simply have to convince them that by taking part in the deepening of Europe, they will not lose their soul - Michel Barnier, France's European Affairs Minister on Britain in Europe.