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It's difficult to go on public transport now. I used to enjoy going on the Tube because it's an actor's job to look at people. Now they look at me all the time - Richard Wilson, Victor Meldrew of TV's One Foot in the Grave

Few women in the public eye reach 40 without someone from their past "revealing all" to the tabloids - Selina Scott, television personality

Mr Feeld, I am now going to insert this soft tube into your rectum - Doctor at the beginning of Dennis Potter's 'Karaoke'

I changed over half-way through to watch the snooker - Mary Whitehouse, veteran TV clean-up campaigner and Potter foe

I'm always on a treadmill of having to keep going. A good year simply means that you have to pay more taxes - Felicity Kendal, actress

Chocolate has had a bad rap. If people brush their teeth regularly there is nothing wrong with eating chocolate or confectionery - Dr Mike Jardine, dental expert

Yes, yes, yes, it is coming. No one can hide the sun with his fingers - Yasser Arafat, PLO president, on the prospect of a Palestinian state

You can't go in there, it's a restricted area - Rivers Howgill, duty manager at the Royal Albert Hall, as the building's two female ghosts disappeared into the kitchens