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Mr Major should get into his government car, drive to Buckingham Palace and tell Her Majesty: 'We have tried, we have failed, we are off' - Brian Jenkins, after winning the Staffordshire South East by-election for Labour

For the Christian, to mix religion and politics is not an option - it is an obligation - The Venerable George Austin, Archdeacon of York

What makes people pay money to go to a show and then throw things at the band? - Oasis spokesman, after the group walked off stage after being pelted with coins and metal objects at a concert in Vancouver, Canada

The more I study human beings, the more I love animals - Doris Day, veteran film star and animal rights campaigner

There are signs that newer, younger members of the House of Commons, many of whom are unable to read or write, are getting above themselves, fretting against any restrictions on their behaviour - Auberon Waugh

The Government may say most crime is drug related. It is not. It is prohibition related - Howard Marks, former marijuana smuggler, at the opening of a cannabis information centre in London