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This is a dog's breakfast. But it is probably the only dog's breakfast on offer and it may well be the best dog's breakfast possible given the position the Government found itself in - Paddy Ashdown, Liberal Democrat leader, on the Ulster poll scheduled for May 30

It does not seem to require any extra, sophisticated electronic equipment to achieve what can already be done by switching the set off - Harry Greenway, Conservative MP, expressing doubts about the proposed V-chip in televisions

This is one of the most disgraceful episodes in this country's history and I want a full inquiry into the Government's conduct and the way it has used and misused scientific advisers - Professor Richard Lacey, microbiologist, accusing the Government of risking public health over BSE in order to protect the farming community

Never before have diseased ruminants (sheep) been fed to other ruminants (cows) and then fed to humans. We have interfered with the whole process of nature and what is now happening is one of our worst nightmares - Tim Lang, food policy professor, Thames Valley University, on mad cow disease

Quiet! I'm trying to travel! - Maureen Lipman, who used to act in BT commercials, incensed by constant chattering on mobile phones by her fellow passengers on a train